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My thanks to Lilliam Hurst in Switzerland for starting this collection of links!

First steps to doing keypal/penpal projects:

  • Read the article: E-Mail Keypals for Language Fluency by Tom Robb at

  • And read everything in CyberESL - Email and Beyond by Tom Robb (PCI Coordinator), Deborah Healey and Ron Corio
    because you'll find lots of VERY useful information there.

  • Report on a Penpal Project, and Tips for Penpal-Project Success
    This is an informative article on a project that started between Brazil and Japan by Vera Mello from Brazil [Email: vcqm@ruralsp.com.br ] and also see Vera Mello's Web Site

    Keypal – Penpal Sites

    • Dave's ESL E-Mail Connection

    • E-mail Pen-Pal Opportunities for Students

    • ePALS Classroom Exchange
      English, French, Spanish and German epals web site. A huge site connecting classrooms around the world.

    • France World
      Franceworld is a service which lists more than 5,000 French students who hope to communicate with foreign correspondents. The site is in French and English.

    • Global Penfriends
      A genuine family friendly penpalling community for people all over the world. All profiles are manually screened prior to approval to the web.

    • Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
      This site offers a free service to help teachers link with partners in other countries and cultures for email classroom pen-pal and project exchanges.

    • International E-Mail Tandem Network
      Language learning in tandem via the Internet http://www.slf.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/
      For university-level students and teachers of English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish...

    • International Pen Friends
      A site for finding pen friends and communicating by postal mail only. Penpal Club with over 300,000 members members from 8 to 80, in 192 countries. Programme for school classes available. The site is in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish.

    • IPF - International Penfriends
      A Penpal Club with over 300,000 members aged from 8 to 80, in 192 countries. Programme for school classes available. The site is in French and English.

    • Keypal Opportunities for Students

    • KeyPal Sources

    • Language Exchange Project
      An easier way to find a language partner, a pen pal or a friend for free and with no registration needed.

    • Momes.Net
      Pages for children in French looking for penpals, called correspondants in French.

    • PenPal List Sites

    • Student Keypal Club

    • Students of the World
      With free services for:
      - Penpals (e-mail and snail mail)
      - Geography (information about all countries of the world through interactive maps)
      - Schools of the World (illustrated links to the nicest school web sites)
      - Chat room

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